Gregory L. Williams

Principal Attorney

During my time as an undergraduate philosophy student at the University of Akron, I developed a love for critical thinking and the art of formulating an argument. It was one of my insightful professors who suggested that I take up law. It goes without saying that I heeded his advice and embarked on a career that has proven to be my life's purpose. I have a big heart for historically underutilized businesses (e.g., minority-owned, woman-owned, and veteran-owned businesses) and I'm excited to work with any sized company that could need my help.

But I also recognize that business isn't an end in itself—it's a means to an end. It's one among a number of tools that we use to create, produce, and provide. What we do with our business and our work that help define our impact on the world around us—on our communities, on our families. Indeed, our families are what all of this is really about—the end itself. Which is why I'm equally passionate about helping people protect and provide for their loved ones.  




Helping you and your family
plan for the future


Helping you honor your loved one's wishes

Are you in need of expert legal counsel?


Don't allow setbacks to derail your business. Take control of your professional environment.

I can help create value for your business — big or small.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you've been in the game for half your life. I know business law and I have the expertise you're looking for to position your business for success. Take a look at my background and you'll most likely conclude that I'm the ideal attorney for your legal needs. If you want to shift your business in a manner in which it's protected and has the freedom to grow, then give me a call.

You can never be too old or too young—but you can be too late.

I can help you plan for your future and protect your family.

Life happens. Sometimes just as we hope—but more often in ways we don't expect. When it does, what's your plan to protect yourself and to provide for your family? If you don't have one, or it's been a while since you've given it some thought, let me help.

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The State of Ohio denies over 50% of the businesses that apply for MBE or EDGE certification—which can be worth $1 million per year. Sure, these businesses probably know what the certification rules say. But there’s a difference between knowing what the rules say and understanding what the rules mean. I want to tell you what they mean.

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For most people, an estate plan has four parts: (1) a Last Will and Testament, (2) a Financial Power of Attorney, (3) a Health Care Power of Attorney, and (4) a Living Will. This article discusses part four: the Living Will.

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Serving Clients Across the Columbus Area and Central Ohio

A lot of people start a business under the notion that they will have more freedom with their time. Eventually, this is a goal that can be realized, but anyone who has spent time building a business knows that this isn't the case in the very beginning. One thing that flourishing business owners have in common is that they know they're strengths and weaknesses. They understand how to operate in the areas in which they shine and build a team that has the skills to handle the rest. In a world where society applauds taking on everything yourself, you're smart enough to realize that this isn't always the best route.

If you want to make the most of your time and your money, you have to know when to push pride aside and get some help.

One of those areas for you may be where legalities come into play — that's why you're here, right? Let me help. I know what it takes to create value within your company and how to help you build a legacy.

Speaking of legacy, what will happen to your business when you transition from this life into the next? I know it can seem a bit morbid, but the legacy of your business and other assets need to be protected, too. When it comes to estate planning, don't think for one second that you need to own more stuff or make more money in order to create one. Whether you own one home or a compound, a jewelry company or just your own wedding ring, it's important to put a plan in place so that your valuables are passed down to the appropriate people. I can help you create an estate plan when you're ready.