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Administrative Assistant

My passion has always been to help those in need. In high school, volunteering to help my community was a huge deal to me. I got to help people with different backgrounds, ages, and problems. I take pleasure in serving others, and here, at the firm, my passion for serving and the pleasure it gives me takes on particularly important meaning because I’ve witnessed firsthand the stress and struggle of going through probate alone.

Like many of the clients we serve, a very dear loved one recently died. She had a last will and testament, which I thought was all you needed to make the process of handling someone’s final affairs simple. But wow, was I mistaken! There was so much more that my mother, who was left to handle her affairs alone, had to deal with. My mom didn’t even know where to start. Watching her have to shoulder that responsibility was a wake-up call that there’s so much more to estate planning and probate than most people realize! When the opportunity to work here at the Law Office of Gregory L. Williams presented itself, after reflecting on my own personal experience, I knew that it would be a place where my passion for helping those in need could be used to help people navigate, and even avoid, the stress that I watch my own mother endure. And indeed, it is.

We all here have a passion for serving. And it would give us all great pleasure to serve you.

My passion for serving and the pleasure it gives me takes on particularly important meaning here at the firm.


  • Reynoldsburg High School (2020)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester, England, U.K.), Class of 2025 (planned)

Awards and Honors

  • Valedictorian of high school 2020 class
  • National Association for Gifted Children Distinguished Scholar (2020)
  • National Honor Society

Community Involvement

  • Volunteer with the National Honor Society
  • Choir member and course developer for The House of Prayer Ministries