Amy's First Two Weeks on the Job

Amy Multi Pic

Q: We're two weeks in! Are you having fun!

A: Absolutely!

Q: Has your actual experience here been any different than what you expected?

A: I would say that its better than I expected. I like the smaller business, personal business atmosphere instead of a large, corporate office. It’s very personal, one-on-one. My boss really listens to me (chuckle). I think that’s the biggest thing: it’s really personal.

Q: Do you think our smaller size, our offering a more personal experience, an advantage or disadvantage to our clients?

A: Oh, definitely an advantage! I can see it—I have seen it—when clients come through the door, they are treated as individuals right from the beginning. You have that one-on-one time with them, listening to them and hearing what their needs are, and I feel like the whole process is laid out so that they feel important. The sense that I get is that that attention is reassuring to them.

Q: Before working here, did you have any experience with or knowledge about probate or estate planning?

A: No. Honestly, I had never thought much about it. But since I’ve been here, it’s been interesting to hear clients contact the firm and hear the cry of their hearts—especially those who have lost loved ones. It’s been interesting hearing their need.

Q: Do you think we help them?

A: Oh, absolutely! No doubt in my mind. Their being in the midst of the grieving process, and to see what it’s like to not have a plan in place…the distraught on people’s faces…I can see how much help they need in that situation. I’ve already heard clients tell me, “I just don’t know where to start.” For estate planning clients, I’ve attended signing meetings and witnessed all of the paperwork they have to sign, clients are so appreciative. They can just sign on the dotted line and know everything is taken care of, that their family will know exactly what to do. I think there’s a real peace of mind for them.

Q: Would you recommend us to friends or family?

A: Yes!

Q: Why? What would you tell them? There are so many other lawyers or “do it yourself” options—why us?

A: Because I work here and have seen how things are done on the inside, because I know the way that we do business—the way that we personalize the business—I have confidence telling people how important the service is and that they’ll be taken care of here.

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