Gregory L. Williams

Certification Counsel

Before starting my own legal practice, I spent three years as the state official in charge of the State of Ohio’s business-development programs, like the state’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Encouraging Diversity Growth, and Equity (EDGE) programs. During my administration of the MBE program, the state achieved its procurement goals for the first time since the program began in 1980, making me the first person in Ohio’s history with this accomplishment. I went on to lead the state to achieve the program’s goals for the next two consecutive fiscal years, which represented over $830 million in contracts and thousands of jobs created for minority-owned businesses. I also oversaw the successful administration of the state’s EDGE program, through which over $981 million in state contracts and subcontracts were placed with historically underutilized businesses.

Not only am I familiar with how these programs work—I literally wrote the book on them. I oversaw the implementation of new administrative rules for two programs—including creating the rules for the state’s first preference program for Veteran-friendly Business Enterprises (VBE)—and wrote the certification manual that instructs the state on how to evaluate certification applications.

I would love to use my knowledge built upon that experience to help you understand and complete the application process for any of the following certifications:

  • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • Encouraging Diversity Growth and Equity (EDGE)
  • Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) and Female Business Enterprise (FBE)
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE), Veteran-owned Business Enterprise (VOBE), and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA/8a)
  • Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council (OMSDC)
  • Various municipal programs

I am passionate about providing local business owners with the insight they need for long-term success. When we work together, I can help you understand the legalese of the necessary documents and forms, and clarify the processes you will need to follow. 

Do I really need the help of a certification attorney?

The answer is "yes" if you want to be sure you're doing things right the first time around.

If you want your budding business to be competitive in the marketplace, you should utilize every advantage available to you. We can help you take the time and guesswork out of identifying which business development program and certification is right for your business. If you are unsure of where to start or how to remain compliant with such specialty certification, not only can the Law Office of Gregory L. Williams provide such legal counsel to protect your business— but we can also help create the support systems that help it continue to grow.

And unlike conventional consultants, we are attorneys—licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio—which means we can advocate and defend you and your business in a court of law if you have been wrongly denied certification. 

Why Choose the Law Office of Gregory L. Williams?

Get Help Identifying Opportunities

Leaning on Greg's extensive knowledge about the available county, state, and federal-level government programs, we can find a variety of opportunities there might be for women, veterans, and other minority business owners. We take the guesswork out of identifying which business development program and certification is right for your business aspirations.

Informed Application Assistance

Finding which certifications you wish to pursue is just the beginning. From an MBE to an SBA, we work with you to make sense of the eligibility requirements for any program and guide you through preparing and filing your applications. You gain peace of mind that nothing is left to fall through the cracks with our experienced application help on your side.

Complex Compliance Counsel

Due to a limited number of available government contracts, it's important to maintain compliance to ensure your small business continues to hold any special certifications. We offer convenient, part-time general counsel to women, veterans, and other minority business owners so they stay compliant with certification regulations.


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Let’s work together to create value for your business.

You don't have to deal with handling the complex legalities of government procurement and business development programs alone. While they serve to give small businesses a boost, a mistake on your application could cost you an overwhelming amount of added stress. You want an experienced certification attorney in your corner to understand the best options for your unique business and to be sure you get what you're after.